Comfort Foods Affected By Gender And Age


Comfort Foods Affected By Gender And Age

According to Brain Wansink, author of Mindless Eating, men and women have different ideas when it comes to comfort foods. The men in Wansink’s study were more likely to consider warm meals as comfort foods(pizza, pasta, soup, and steak were among the highest ranked). While women also liked these warm foods, they ranked sweet snack foods (ice cream, candy, chocolate, and cookies) higher on their list of preferences.

Age also played a role. The study found that younger people were more likely to choose potato chips or cookies as comfort foods, and older people were more likely to choose warm meals.

Wansink’s research also found that not only do people turn to comfort foods when they are feeling low and need a boost of serotonin, but they also seek out comfort foods when they are happy. The interesting¬† difference is the types of food they choose depending on their mood .According to Wansink, people tend to gravitate toward the healthier options on the comfort foods list when they are celebrating or rewarding themselves (steak or pizza}. but when sad, they choose ice cream, cookies, or a bag of potato chips.


A new study indicates that more than one out three Americans has either impaired fasting glucose (prediabetes)or diabetes. Incidence of diabetes was estimated at 9.3 percent of the population, and impaired fasting glucose at 26 percent of the population. Impaired fasting glucose increases the risk of diabetes.


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