How To Safely Eat Meat


How To Safely Eat Meat

I spite of the dangers i mentioned in my pervious publication you can still meat after taking some precautions.


1)Try t o choose  organic, free- range, or grass- fed meat and always look for the leanest cuts-chicken breast, turkey breast, or very lean cuts of filet mignon or tenderloin. This will help you decrease or avoid potentials toxins in the fat. Free-range meats are healthiest because the animals were not fed antibiotics, growth hormones, and other toxins . The breast of free-range chickens contains some of the lowest amounts of animal fat.

Organic and free range animals feed on grasses and have more omega -3 fats in the meat than grain feed cattle. Grain-fed cattle are usually much fatter and contain more omeda-6 fat as well saturated fats. The fat content of wild game is about 4 percent, whereas grain-fed beef typically contains 30 percent or more fat.

(2) If you cannot afford organic or free-range meat or poultry, get the leanest cuts, trim off any visible fat, and remove any skin. Remember. make sure the meat has not been irradiated.

(3) Turkey is one of the best choices of meats. Turkey breast is one of the leanest meats and contains the least amount of pesticides and toxins. Other relatively safe meats include the leanest cuts of lamb, venison (US), rabbit, and buffalo.

5) Some people worry about giving up meat because they wrongly believe they won’t get enough protein in their diet. But a balanced diet that includes small a mounts of lean meats and generous portions of beans and whole grains can give you the protein you need. For example, whole-grain bread and hummus make a complete protein when eaten is derived from animal meat.

6)If you choose to eat red meats. limit them to only 4to 6 ounces, or twice a week. A  diet high in red meat is associated with an  increased risk of breast and prostate cancers.

7)Cook meats thoroughly since most poultry contains dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, camplylobacteria , and staphylococcus, which are associated with food poisoning.

Once you start buying the right kinds of meats and preparing them in a healthy way, you can fully enjoy them as part of your regular diet.