The Mind Body Spirit Connection


The Mind Body Spirit Connection

Many times people who struggle with u eating habits or weight problems experience self -loathing, loneliness, low self-esteem, depression, guilt, and shame, especially the latter two. Over the years, i have treated numerous patients, and I’ve  found that whether their issues with food result in being over weight or under weight, almost always the root cause is emotional. The moment they mess up by eating some thing they shouldn’t, and they feel like quitting.

In my medical office, we  know that we need to treat the patient’s body, mind [emotions], and spirit. We give them scriptures to confess aloud daily and meditate upon so that they begin to change their mind-set from a negative to a positive state. The word of God gives them hope.

Often i take these patients through some thing i call ‘forgiveness therapy’, which enables them to forgive them selves as well as others. When they forgive them selves and begin to love, respect, and accept themselves, it breaks the vicious cycle of negative feelings and emotions. Then and only then do we address the patient’s  physical needs by making life style changes like eating living foods and exercising.

perhaps reading this has struck a chord deep within you. For the first time, you may be  realizing the connection between some unresolved issues in your pasty and current struggle to control your eating habits.


Eating disorder must not be taken lightly. If your daily life is affected by your struggles with food or body image -whether your weight is impacted or not -i urge you to talk to someone or

visit web such as www.ereunduseatingdisorders. for resources that can help you.

Anew eating disorder has recently been identified and is on the rise; orthorexia Orthorexia occurs when someone develops a phobia of eating un healthy foods. I encourage patients experiencing this dis order to;

1 Realize that fear does not come from God.

2 Remember that moderation is the key. All of the dietary recommendation make in my article are to be used with moderation and balance. It  is never healthy to take these cautions or recommendations to the extreme.

I also encourage people with fear of un healthy foods to realize that eating living foods is only one of the seven pillars of healthy living . I  go into this in more details in my next  article.